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PE1000 series Digital Fiber optic transmitter & receiver

PE1000 series Digital Fiber optic transmitter & receiver

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Product Specifications
  • 1, Excellent anti-interference ability, high reliability, stability, and compatibility in any environment.

    It figures from the professional large-scale integrated circuit component, reliable and stable operation, Even if the external environment has undergone great changes, such as the drastic changes in temperature, the system can maintain stable and reliable.

    2. Flexible multiplex and integrated communication

    PE series fiber optics provides multiple products, including 64 channel video, 128 channel audio, 64 channel duplex data, 10M/100M Ethernet can be carried out over a single fiber simultaneously, it can integrate CCTV system and computer network.

    3. High quality and effective cost

    PE series fiber optics features perfect sync digital fiber transmission technology, TDM/WDM technology and broadcast video quality with effective cost.

    4.10BIT digital non compress video transmission