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SD5800 UHF RFID Reader
SD5800 UHF RFID Reader
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Product Specifications
  • 1. Ultra-long read-write distances: in normal condition, the E-tag reading distance is about 4m;

    2. Superior processor: SD5800 adopted SAMUNG S3C6400 ARM11 core processor with 533MHZ working frequency;

    3. Advanced OS: Windows CE 6.0 moveable OS, human-computer interface, easily operated and further development;

    4. Super-big display. SD5800 used 4.8 inches TFT touch screen which brings users fantastic vision enjoyment.

    5. Could be widely used in logistics, anti-counterfeit, asset tacking, medical application, library management, retail application, warehouse management, clothing industry, human and animal identification, military material management, supply chain tracking and so on.