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MC-528F61P64VIP-7 IP Video Door Phone
MC-528F61P64VIP-7 IP Video Door Phone
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Product Specifications
  • *Surface-mounted, 5 or 7 Inch color TFT Screen with sensor buttons

    *Support 8 indoor monitors & 2 doorbell/camaras

    *Visitor calls transferrable to telephone

    *Door release function

    *Image capture function(8 images or 64 images memory)

    *4-Channel CCTV Surveillance function , you may fit 4 cameras for monitoring Baby-room, garage or swimming pool.

    *Watch TV & Listen Music function

    *Intercom, broadcast, Call transfer among monitors

    *Remote internet monitoring function if fitted CCTV Cameras

    *Color/contrast/brightness/volume adjustable

    *4 wires Twisted Pair Cables, Powered by DC 18V 800mA

    Functions include PBX exchange, surface mount, five-inch or seven-inch color TFT screen with sensor buttons, support of eight indoor monitors and two doorbell/cameras, transfer of visitor calls to telephone, electronic lock system control, image capture (eight-image or 64-image memory) and six-channel CCTV surveillance that links to four cameras for monitoring, TV watching and music listening, intercom, broadcast and call transfer among monitors as well as color, contrast, brightness and volume adjust, four-wire twisted pair cables and DC 18V 800mA power.

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