Product Profile
DMC-10 Structured Wiring Intercom System
DMC-10 Structured Wiring Intercom System
  • Supplier: Linear LLC
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 04/11/2007
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Product Specifications
  • Linearˇs M&S Systems Brand Model DMC-10 Structured Wiring Intercom System offers several advanced

    features never before available in an intercom system.

    Its distributed hub design provides easy installation and structured wiring mounting compatibility necessary for modern residential and light commercial applications.

    The room, door, and patio stations showcase a new contemporary design, crafted to blend smoothly into the installationˇs decor. Station faceplates are available in a variety of colors to further customize each installation. Room station keypads are illuminated with soft blue LEDS, while the intercom is in use. The door and patio station keys are illuminated with

    white lighting for easy nighttime operation.

    The heart of the system is the Model DMC-10H Intercom System Hub. The system hub grid mounts in a structured wiring enclosure. Up to eight room, door, and patio stations in any combination can be connected to the system hub with standard Cat-5 cable, each up to 500 feet away. For larger

    installations, a second system hub can be added for expansion, providing a total system capacity of up to 16 stations.

    The room, patio, and door stations mount inside standard 2-gang junction boxes and are easy to install and wire. All stations and the system hub contain Type 110 punch-down terminal blocks for fast and reliable connection to Cat-5 cable.

    Visitors announce their arrival by pressing the door stationˇs pushbutton, sounding one of three selectable chimes on each of the room and patio stations. Crisp sounding, hands-free, voice communications, greet the visitor with a clear welcome.

    Automated access can be granted to the visitor from any room station via an electrical door strike connected to the system hub.

    Room and patio stations impart clear, hands-free, room-toroom voice communication throughout the installation.

    The system also supports whole house music with the addition of the Model DMC-10AWP Audio Input Wall Plate. A local audio source connected to the wall plate will play monaural sound through each stationˇs speaker. The wall plate also features a mute output for interrupting an independent audio source while the intercom is being used, and a line level adjustment.

    Several additional features provide each room and patio station with extended capabilities. Stations can be set to monitor the sounds in specifi c rooms or listen to all rooms.

    For privacy, the mute feature disables a stationˇs microphone.

    For complete solitude, the do-not-disturb feature disables a stationˇs speaker and microphone.

    Outstanding features, contemporary design, easy installation, and operation make the Model DMC-10 Structured Wiring Intercom System the perfect choice for your next intercom installation.