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IP100 Internet Module
IP100 Internet Module
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Product Specifications
  • * Control and monitor a control panel through an IP network (LAN/WAN/Internet)

    * Compatible with Spectra SP series (V2.10 or higher), MG5000/MG5050 (V2.10 or higher) and EVO control panels

    * Use NEware or WinLoad to access your system through the Internet

    * Receive notification of system alarms via email

    * Arm/disarm individual partitions via web browser

    * View live status of all zones and partitions (i.e. open/close, arm/disarm, troubles and alarms) via web browser

    * Upgrade the firmware of the IP100 using the IP Exploring Tools through the Internet

    * DNS service available for dynamic IP address

    * Supports SMTP and ESMTP (TLS/SSL not supported)

    * Very low bandwidth consumption

    * Data sent and received using 128-bit (MD5 and RC4) or 256-bit (AES) data encryption

    * Two-way dynamic authentication

    * Supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Slovakian.