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  • The GPRS functions include a capture mode compatible with any control panel on the market, sending both its own and captured events with up to 4 IP, Test IP, Download IP and Web server. This allows simultaneous visualization of the status and remote control of the equipment. Advanced functions of the JR control panels include open protocols KONNEX and EIB. Its GSM functions feature events capture from any panel to resend them afterwards to the central station or private phones by GSM or SMS, with triple security detection for DTMF line failure. The central station does not need to install a keypad (wireless keypad is optional). Arming/disarming can be done by DTMF telephone. Programming can be set by phone, wireless keypad, JR-eLight local or remote and SMS. The home automation system allows for remote control with four outputs by SMS, equipment temperature control with a temperature probe; and a programmable output schedule.