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Passive Infrared Detector (AN700-W15)
Passive Infrared Detector (AN700-W15)
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Product Specifications
  • PASSIVE INFRARED DETECTOR Alean's AN700-W15 and are stylish passive infrared detector designed for residential and office applications. Notable for its extended detection range, enhanced RFI protection and superior temperature compensation, AN700-W15 and AN700-W18provide good catch performance, reliability, and false alarm immunity. AN700-W15 and AN700-W18 include 2 independent dual elements as well as an intelligent digital analysis which can detect real intruders and disregard false alarm stimuli. With their easy installation and attractive sleek design, AN700-W15 and AN700-W18 are the ideal detectors for your applications in any home or office environment . Feature:
    . Flase Alarm Immunity
    . Automatic Temperature Compensation
    . Immune to Pet up to 24Ibs
    . LED on/off Switch
    . SMD.Circuitry
    . Superior White-Light Protection
    . Noise Reduction Circuitry
    . Infinite Rejection of Fluorescent Lights
    . Copper-plated PC Board for Maximum RFI Rejection
    . Sealed Sensor Chamber for Prevention From Insects and Air Currents