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Anti-losing alarm package  ATS-666
Anti-losing alarm package ATS-666
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  • Description:

    This personal anti-losing alarm adapts macro-computer control technology with multi-

    coding. It protects valuable articles (or human being ) and anti-theft by compounding of

    receiver and transmitter. It becomes your first choosing for anti-losing. So convenient, It

    is used for mobile, wallet, luggage, package,childen,key and so on . Good looking and

    green environment protection.


    receive and transmitter alarm triggered distance :1-25m adjusted

    anti-lost, searching function,

    alarm with vibrating convenient use, easy operation, small size, and portable.


    Transmitter: 44 (H) ⊙28 (W) ⊙8 (D) mm.

    Weight: 9.3 g. Battery: CR 2032 ⊙1 (3V)

    Receiver: 460 (H) ⊙36 (W) ⊙15 (D) mm.

    Weight: 35.5 g. Battery: NO. 7 ⊙1(1.5V, AAA size)