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C&K Alarm Host Network Communication Module
C&K Alarm Host Network Communication Module
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Product Specifications
  • 1. Receive instant state of C&K alarm host via network;

    2. Virtual keyboard, emulation C&K keyboard can control and operate by network;

    3. Report arm/disarm status and alarm information forwardly;

    4. Control the surveillance and alarm synchronously by Hengtong DVR2000-RVSC(MAP) remote surveillance alarm management center software;

    5. Inside time module can exact record time happened;

    6. Can save up to 200 pieces of eventˇs message;

    7. Transparency serial interface transmission connection can used for IR remote control management;

    8. The speed of remote alarm transmission is 20-30 times more than original C&K;

    9. Automatic switch net/pstn work style when network disconnection;

    10. Remote control and operate all action of A&K alarm system, such as arm, disarm, shunting etc;

    11. Mini exterior can be embedded into the C&K alarm host;

    12. Offering SDK is convenience for users develop the management software by themselves;

    13. Can use solely as module which RS232/RS485 and Ethernet transform each other;

    14. Offer serial interface dummy drivers;

    15. Can apply to network delay of 2 RS232/RS485 interface device.