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Vision Millbank Networked Voice Evacuation
Vision Millbank Networked Voice Evacuation
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Product Specifications
  • All of the Millbank range of voice alarm and evacuation systems can be networked to build larger distributed systems as may be typically found in stadia, high rise office buildings and large retail complexes. The VxLAN technology that used is based on a twin ring topology in accordance with BS 5839 pt 8. The network will then run on 2 twisted pairs (including on MICC "enhanced" cable to BS 5839 pt 1) or on multi-mode fibre.

    The networked systems then offer comprehensive fault monitoring, simple control from traditional panel or touch screen device front ends plus 20 bit sound quality and a propogation delay of less than 1 mS through 10 outstations.

    Other features offer 20 bit digital transmission, up to 8 audio channels, ip to 400 zones, software driven from touch screen, on-board emergency message store, BS 5839 pt 8 & EN 60849 compliant, and system interfaces with fire detection either locally or centrally as required.