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DT-55R Wireless Dual-tech Detector
DT-55R Wireless Dual-tech Detector
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Product Specifications
  • 〈 Wired and wireless compatible. Use wired and wireless technology to transform message

    〈 Energy-saving logic processing, random digital DMT micro-processing.

    〈 Excellent functions of anti white light, environment recognition, temperature compensation

    〈 Adopts refined Fresnel Lens and advance arch design

    〈 Superposition of MW and PIR zones to reach high sensitivity and no false alarm

    〈 Remarkable pet immunity below 10kg

    〈 Its MW part can calculate the speed and dimension of moving objects; cooperate with advanced patented software technology

    〈 Adopts automatic code-study and rolling ID code input methods.

    〈 Low power consumption: 20A

    〈 MW frequency: 10.525GHz, transmission frequency: 315MHz/433MHz for option