Product Profile
IR-A 12 Passive Infrared Detector
IR-A 12 Passive Infrared Detector
  • Supplier: Elkron Spa
  • Region: Italy
  • Updated: 01/11/2007
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Product Specifications
  • Passive infrared detector IR-A 12 is equipped with three-function ExtravisionR hemispherical Fresnel lens.

    It is provided with x1 or x2 pulse count, alarm memory, solid state relay, capability to block relay output status with non active system (operating on control input S), temperature automatic compensation and anti-tampering system.

    Supply nominal voltage 12 V

    Min-max operation voltage 9 ∫ 15 V

    Absorption @12V- nominal 11 mA; max 17 mA

    Pulse count x1 / x2

    Range nominal 12 m (volumetric lens)

    nominal 12 m (curtain lens)

    nominal 20 m (long range lens)

    Covered range 90 (volumetric lens)

    6 (curtain lens)

    6 (long range lens)

    Sensitive areas 22 on 3 planes + 2 creep zones (volumetric lens)

    1 on 1 plane + 1 creep zone (curtain lens)

    7 on 5 planes + 1 creep zone (long range lens)

    Alarm relay solid state relay

    NC 100 mA @ 24V- /Rmax=35 ohm

    Anti-tampering system 50 mA@24V

    Operation temperature -10C / +55C

    Dimensions (hxlxd) 85x70x50 mm

    Weight: 80 g