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Wireless IP Alarmpanel 868 MHz Two-way  Control Panel
Wireless IP Alarmpanel 868 MHz Two-way Control Panel
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Product Specifications
  • The CTC 962 is a wireless alarm with two-way wireless radio

    Communication, Dual Frequency Hopping and Code Encryption.

    All alarms are transmitted over TCP/IP connection.

    The CTC-962 has a built in Internet Communication Interface

    and comes with Simple and Faster features that can be done

    over the IP connection.

    Easy programming throug Internet Explorer.

    CTC-962 can be connected to the following wireless accessories:

    Door contacts, Infrared detectors, Smoke detectors, Keypads, Remote key fobs, Water detectors, Gas sensors, Panic buttons, Nigtswitches, Repeaters, Sirens (indoor and outdoor) and relay modules



    No. of devices can be included in a system: 20

    Display: 16 characters x 2 rows, LCD text display with backlight

    Keypad: 10 numeric keys & 16 function keys

    Operation mode: Away, Home, Bypass, Forced Arm mode

    Fault Display: Battery low, Sensor tampered, Sensor low battery,

    Sensor out-of-order and GSM faults

    Communication protocol: TCP-IP

    20-zone full-featured Wireless Control Panel with

    built-in Internet Browser.

    Remote programming / Access via Internet Explorer (IE)

    Built-in Web page

    Alarm reporting through Internet

    Wired & Wireless Internet Connection

    Optional Wireless Dialer for PSTN Back-up

    User codes: 6 Codes

    Zone Attribute: Burglar, Full Arm, Burglar, Home Omit,

    Entry, Delay, 24Hr, etc.

    False alarm management

    Interference detection

    Signal Strenght Display (RSSI)

    Tamper protection

    Event log: 24 events.

    Entry Delay: 0~70 sec. programmable.

    Exit Delay: 0~70 sec. programmable.

    Door chime: On/Off programmable.

    Built-in Real time Clock

    Power Supply: 9V 800MA adaptor.

    Backup battery: 1800mAh Ni-MH battery x 6.

    Battery backup time: min. 24 Hours.

    Alarm output: 104db @ 1M

    Radio Dual Frequency: 868.6375 MHz / 868.6875 MHz

    Demodulation: FM, f∮7.5KHZ

    Sensitivity: -105dbm@ S/N+20db.

    Spurious transmission: <-57dbm.

    Frequency shift: ∮2.5 ppm (-20C ~ 50C)

    Temperature Range: -10C ~ +45C

    Humidity: up to 90%

    Dimension: 155mm (L) x 230mm (W) x 44mm (H)