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Wireless Infrared detector 433/868 MHz
Wireless Infrared detector 433/868 MHz
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Product Specifications
  • Passive infrared detector. Range of detection for approx. 12 m over 90 degrees. Avvailable in 3 different models:

    Alkaline Battery operated = 30 months lifetime

    Lithium Battery Operated = 60 months lifetime (also avvailable as PET immune up to 30 Kgs)



    Power Supply: ¨AA〃 3.6V 2400 mAH Lithium battery or 2 x AA, Alkaline batteries

    Operation Frequency: 868.6375MHz or 433 MHz

    Tamper protection: protect the enclosure from being opened or being removed.

    Code combinations: 16,777,216 codes

    Radio Range: over 300 meters in open space.

    White light Rejection: up to 6,000 Lux

    Insect and draft proof

    Dimensions: 93.5mm (L) x 63.6mm (W) (max.) x 41.7mm (H)

    Temperature Range: -20C ~ 50C

    Humidity: up to 85%