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ORM-65 Optical Alarm Unit
ORM-65 Optical Alarm Unit
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Product Specifications
  • Automatic limit indicator with group identification, design and VdS certified.

    With storage of the alert, alarm signaling by the LED shining red in the case of emergency

    Compact one, much flattens building method

    The measuring chamber of the Streulichtmelders consists of a labyrinth to the exclusion of the external light, a pulsating LED and a photodiode. Under normal conditions the light produced by the LED is not registered by the photodiode. When penetration smoke into the measuring chamber the light is strewn and taken up by the photodiode. If the alarm unit "sees" three times light, changes the alarm unit into the alarm condition and the outside LED lights up. The alarm unit housing is identical to that of the ionization alarm unit. The Streulichtmelder differs outwardly by the LED, which is normally colorless, in the case of emergency however red indicates. The Streulichtmelder can be easily dismantled for cleaning and assembled again.