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SC250 SuperCELL
SC250 SuperCELL
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Product Specifications
  • SC250 Case Approximate Dimensions:2-3/4" L (without antenna) x 1-7/8" W x 1-1/2" Deep (including belt clip)

    Weight Approximate: 3.7 oz.

    Mode Button: Menu LCD Display Screen Selection

    Select Button: LCD Display Contrast/Viewing-angle adjustments

    Battery: Rechargeable Lithium, providing 90 hours of use

    High Frequency 2 Way Radio: 902-928 MHz No FCC License Required

    Smart-Signal Technology: Each SuperCell is a Smart Repeater for critical signals providing superior performance in buildings

    Manual Alarm Activation: Push Top Button to send an Alarm signal.A Red LED will strobe rapidly with momentary Vibrating Acknowledgement

    Motion Sensing: Lack of motion sensor that will automatically trigger a loud, audible alarm and transmit a alarm signal

    Receive Call-Back Signals: The words CALL BACK appear in LCD Display, Initiated from SM2000 Command Base

    Audible Tones: Optional for Alarm, Alarm-received, call-back and reset

    Operation Status LED Indicators: Periodic strobe of Green LED