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AQUA Plus PIR Detector
AQUA Plus PIR Detector
  • Supplier: SATEL
  • Region: Poland
  • Updated: 10/26/2006
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Product Specifications
  • *The AQUA detectors are manufactured in three versions:

    - AQUA Plus with dual pyrosensor

    - AQUA Pro with quad pyrosensor

    - AQUA S intended for 24V AC/DC supply

    *High quality pyrosensor

    - UV and visible light filter

    - high immunity to electromagnetic interference

    - low noise level

    *digital signal processing

    *digital temperature compensation

    *3-step sensitivity adjustment

    *supply voltage supervision

    *low power consumption

    *interchangeable Fresnel lenses

    - extra wide angle 141

    - long range with access zone monitoring

    - vertical curtain

    *adjustable holder for easy mounting on wall or on ceiling