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D-CAM 500 Video Camera with Motion Detector
D-CAM 500 Video Camera with Motion Detector
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Product Specifications
  • D-CAM 500 is an integrated solution that combines a high-sensitivity pinhole camera and a PIR motion detector in one affordable package. Available in color or black & white models, the D-CAM 500 is able to work with hardwired security systems and time-lapse VCRs for total protection. The color model offers 380 TV lines resolution with 290,000 pixels while B/W model offers 420 TV lines.

    The D-CAM 500''s PIR sensor covers a wide 90-degree field of view and looks out 60 feet. It has adjustable sensitivity and pulse count to reduce the chance of false of alarms. In addition, it has two separate dry contacts (relays). A user-adjustable timer can keep the contact closed for periods between 10 and 100 seconds, avoiding sudden disconnections, even when the contact is closed for one or more consecutive time periods.