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Beam Detector (AN900-D Series)
Beam Detector (AN900-D Series)
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Product Specifications
  • The AN900-D series are quad photoelectric detectors with selectable designed to provide reliable perimeter security both indoors and Outdoors. It consists of separate transmitters and receivers. The transmitter emits invisible infrared beams with selectable frequencies to the receiver. The selectable beam frequencies can be used to avoid unwanted cross talk that can occur when using multiple photo beams for long distance or beam stacking applications. Quick alignment system is built-in to speed up accurate and reliable positioning. This detector uses 4 pulsed infrared beams that are designed to activate an alarm only when both 4 beams are simultaneously blocked . Feature:
    . Selectable 4-Channel Beam Frequencies
    . Design Durability
    . Frost and Dew Protection
    . Quad Synchronized Pulsed Beams Designed for Greater Stability
    . High Grade Aspherical Lens
    . Adjustable Beam Interruption Period
    . 2Beam stacking
    . 2Beam long distance stacking
    . Quick optical and voltage alignment with10LEDs to speed up positioning
    . A.G.C. (Automatic Gain Control) Circuit