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  • The JA-80K control panel has 50 addresses for wireless devices and two hardwired inputs. OASiS uses a reliable communication protocol at 868 MHz. If the JA-84P PIR with built-in camera is used, a picture will be taken when the detector is triggered and send to the ARC, e-mail or the user’s mobile phone. The control panel is operated by keypads, remote controls, RFID card or remotely, such as by mobile phone or Internet via a suitable communicator. The system can be operated with up to 50 access cards or codes. Important information about the operation of the system is registered in the internal memory of the control panel, where the last 255 events are saved with the date and time. A suitable communicator system can also report selected events by SMS message to a mobile phone, sending all details to an ARC and also informing an installer about the required service. In addition to operating different devices, the control panel offers many useful automation functions.