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parking space barrier
parking space barrier
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Product Specifications
  • Model No.:DSP-500R


    Use a high-quality steel synthesis structure, beautiful appearance, scientific structure and substance. Use integrated control chip control, a low-voltage DC motor as drive servo system. Designed according to the electro mechanical integration principle, stable.

    Automatic stop, safety design, with current detection device. The arm will automatically stop when encounter obstacles in running time, prevent the vehicles from damage. Ensure the pets, children or vehicles?safety of touch. Give the users the best guarantee.


    *Power voltage: DC12V

    *Working current:<1.5A

    *Static power: 12mW

    *Remote distance: >15m

    *Arm working time: =5s

    *Working temperature: -10C~70C

    *Hunidity level: 95[[]%]

    *Exterior size: 650mmx540mmx100mm

    *Vertical height: 430mm

    *Weight: 21KG

    *Protection level: IP67

    *Once charge up can be used not

    less than 1000 times

    *Storage battery: 12V 2.2.AH

    *Remote controller battery: 12V(23A or 27A)