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miPASS BIO XK Series: BIO-XK and BIO-X
miPASS BIO XK Series: BIO-XK and BIO-X
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Product Specifications
  • The miPASS Bio-XK Series range offers the ultimate security by combining leading-edge fingerprint scanning technology and encryption for secure user verification and authentication, limiting exposure through lost or stolen access cards. The cardholderˇs access control data and fingerprint template is encoded directly into the memory chip of the miPASS card, which is secured with encryption keys protecting the cardholderˇs information from being compromised. The Bio-XK Series reads the cardholderˇs data from the memory chip of a miPASS card and only transmits to a door controller once a valid finger has been presented. In addition to the smart card reader ?? fingerprint verification device, the BIO-XK is fitted with a 4 x 3 keypad and four programmable function keys. Authentication is performed locally within the Bio-XK Series reader and does not require reference to a centralized database, thus improving performance by minimizing verification time and eliminating privacy concerns. The 1:1 matching method eliminates false acceptance rates 1:N (1 to many) systems are normally prone to. It is ideal for new site installations or security enhancements of any existing access control systems using Mifare, swipe or prox (125 KHz) card and reader technologies.