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Starwatch iTDC PRO II
Starwatch iTDC PRO II
  • Supplier: IDTECK
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 08/25/2009
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Product Specifications
  • Starwatch iTDC PRO II is a powerful access control management software with basic time and attendance features. It works with RF card readers (125 Khz, 13.56 Mhz), biometrics readers (fingerprint and face) and controllers to provide a high security level of access control. The software could be connected to DVRs, cameras and video servers for integrated monitoring and real-time video surveillance.

    The IDTECK STARWATCH iTDC PRO offers complete visitor management. When integrated with iTDC hardware, an access control panel is capable of controlling up to four doors, and its bundled software provides all-in-one solutions to fulfill users’ building management needs. From parking lot and entrance management to elevator control, IDTECK’s integrated solution allows you to monitor all the movements and activities of ID holders and visitors. Its visitor management includes recording visitors’ details, tracking their log data, and automatic deletion of specific times or procedures for each visitor (a nonregular cardholder), mak ing the iTDC PRO ideal for building management.

    Features: 
    * Dual function for time and attendance and access control management 
    * Multilanguage support 
    * Powerful network support (TCP/IP, serial) 
    * Able to integrate with access control, time and attendance, video surveillance, alarm monitoring and much more 
    * Anti-pass back, arm/disarm, two-man operation and duress mode function for enhanced security