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Avocet Slave Leaf Doorbolt
Avocet Slave Leaf Doorbolt
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Product Specifications
  • Features:

    .Mainly used for French door applications


    .35mm Backset

    .New Trivalent Silver finish

    .Conform to BS Standard

    .Lengths available 1730mm and 1955mm

    Technical Information

    ---Assessment Data

    Performance:Endurance tested to 100,000 operatons

    Corrosion resistance:Meets requirements of BS EN 1670 Grade 4

    ---Doorbolt Material Specifications

    All Steel Components: Steel C1008, Trivalent silver finish

    ---Additional Information

    Door lock Box Quantity: 5 per box

    4 Profile related packers are required for shootbolt keeps

    (for packers please contact your sales advisor)