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Card Reader
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Product Specifications
  • R4 series

    RF-RD40/RC40 card reader


    Rated voltage: DC12V

    Rated current: 120mA

    Sustaining cardˇs types: RD40 read EM card, RC40 read Mifare card

    Card reading distance: EM card 8-15cm, Mifare card 5-10cm

    Exterior: 9.5CM*9.5CM*2.1CM


    Good extrior, fashion and elegance.

    A variety of optional light colour and texzture as gold-scale, gold-phoenix, champagne-phoenix, wine-scale, mirror-silk, mirror-scale, silver-scale, etc.

    Suitbale for high-end and luxurt construction, as hotles, clubs, top pffice buildings, etc.

    biological-touch keypad, professional technologies, applicable to private occasions.