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RUU-201 Verification Station
RUU-201 Verification Station
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Product Specifications
  • The Hirsch Verification Station from Hirsch Electronics delivers indentity vertification for the government/FIPS 201 and private sectors. The Verification Station is one of the first true "edge readers" on the market and is almost certainly the most sophisticated, integrated and secure edge reader available. The Security Industry Association recently recognized the product with the prestigious Special Achievement Award for outstanding technical innovation.

    The Verification Station is a four-factor authentication device: card, code, fingerprint and PKI certificate check. It is a multipurpose device that can be used at card issuance to verify the card recipient''s identity before card handover, as a door/gate controller, as an enrollment device to populate a physical access control system with card data, and as a stand-alone or networked verification station to verify identities anytime, anywhere. The Verification Station integrates several technologies including a privacy-sensitive scrambling keypad, contact and contactless smart card readers, biometric fingerprint reader, and LCD display. The unit is IP-addressable and includes ports for door or other relay, Ethernet, Wiegand, RS-485 and RS-232.