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Bioscrypt VeriSoft Single Sign on
Bioscrypt VeriSoft Single Sign on
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Product Specifications
  • Single-Sign-On & Multi-Factor Desktop Authentication for Enterprises

    Multi-Factor Authentication

    Bioscrypt VeriSoft Single Sign On supports multifactor user authentication, including fingerprint biometrics, user passwords, smart cards, proximity cards and virtual tokens. This robust feature allows for multiple authentication methods to be used in any combination when assigning access privileges to applications and services.

    Enterprise Single Sign On

    Bioscrypt VeriSoft Single Sign On stores usernames and passwords for multiple applications and automatically enters logon credentials when a registered application is accessed. Users no longer have to memorize the growing number of passwords for web based and Microsoft Windows applications.

    Fingerprint Verification

    Password protection is no longer considered effective for protecting sensitive and private information found within organizations. Bioscryptˇs award winning fingerprint matching algorithm has been independently validated as the most accurate and interoperable fingerprint verification technology placing first at the Fingerprint Verification Competition (FVC) in 2002 and 2004.

    Automated Password Management

    Password generation is completed behind the scenes and is trans- parent to end users. The result is a highly secure and easy to use identity and access management solution designed to authenticate users quickly and efficiently while securing sensitive organizational data.

    Physical/Logical Access Convergence

    Bioscrypt VeriSoft Single Sign On enables Door-To-Desktop(R) convergence by sharing identity credentials with the enterpriseˇs existing physical access controls.