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Time Attendance TA01
Time Attendance TA01
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Product Specifications
  • E.lan-TA01 Asp or SQL Software Time Attendance


    With built-in TCP/IP protocol, 10M per second transfer speed, directly connecting factory LAN or Internet, realizing the Data Share among the Factory or different factory area.

    Data Real Time Transfer, improve attendance data reliability via the Newest Net Platform

    Offline Capacity: 10000 Proximity Card, 40000 records even 1000000 records.

    Synchronize Time Attendance Server Time, Exact and Accurate time

    2 Routes Switch Signal Output, connecting door bell or alarm light. It is also OK to use for access controller and dining room timely consumer.

    Support Time Attendance Message Show Function, with LCD Display: two lines, 16 words or 4 lines, 32 words

    Language Display: Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese

    Display Job Number and Name

    Super Large LED Display, green light is on when reading effective card, red light is on when reading no effective card

    Software Introduction

    Based on SQL Data Warehouse, with basic reliability function. B/S Structure, All the authorize customer can use IE explorer to visit the record data and doing the concerned deal.

    Complete Authority Management, can set up the compatible authority for different rank of manger.

    Short Message Function for individual or group (such as notice.) on the online condition

    Software Platform can be extended into the function of Access Control or Consume System, realizing One Card, One Data warehouse in real meaning.

    Complex Shift Management: for example, transfer shift, reverted shift

    Normal Status Time Attendance Mange: self definition for work time, calculate time length and times for early leave and late for work.

    Abnormal Status: For the status of business leave, work ill, absent, be out temporarily, etc.

    Ask for leaving management: self definition for type, having salary or not, yearly Holiday can be input long leave.

    Different set for Overtime work type

    Provide Time Attendance Report, such as Original Record List, detailed report, daily report, monthly report, and abnormal report.

    With Time Attendance Data Copy or Return Function.


    32-MCU CPU

    DC9V500mA.Back Light Operating voltage

    200mA Operating current

    10000 Proximity Card, 24000 Offline records Capacity

    1OM Ethernet Interface COM port

    Four Line* eight words with LCD .Eye Distance, 65*35MM


    Red, Green, And Yellow LED indication


    16 digit keypad in glass (with Back Light)

    Support ID/MIFARE Cards

    More than 5CM Reading Range