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CV5XXX - Access Control Door Reader
CV5XXX - Access Control Door Reader
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Product Specifications
  • China Vision''s CV5xxx access control door reader family is a contactless proximity read/write and read only (UID) device that supports ISO15693, ISO14443A, ISO14443B and Mifare + EM 125kHz dual frequency.

    CV5xxx is easy to use as access control door reader thanks to:

    * Multi-format interface: Wiegand 26 (default, Wiegand 26  56 selectable), RS232, RS485,

    ABA1/2, Clock&Data, other interface on request

    * TCP-IP for network by connecting external converter

    * Suitable for Indoor and outdoor (IP65) with full potted

    * Customized housing, color and interface are available on request

    The family member are:

    CV5600-X-XX Mifare Secure Sector

    CV5600S-XX Mifare Serial Number Only

    CV5500-XX Dual Frequency, Mifare + EM 125 kHz

    CV5100-XX ISO15693, ISO14443A and ISO14443B

    SDK (Host Demo, API, Document, Programmer Example Tool like Delphi, C++ Building, VC++, VB,) is available for customerˇs further application development.

    >> Advantages

    * Compatible with the most controller on the market

    * Full version for ISO15693, ISO14443A/B, Mifare and dual function for Mifare + 125kHz

    * Supporting read/write and read only (UID)

    * Unique multi-format interface: Wiegand 26 (Wiegand 26  56 selectable), RS232, RS485, ABA1/2, other interface on request

    * TCP/IP network version available as option

    * Auto answer mode: permanent reading and sending the ID number

    * 45cm Pigtail or plug connector with screw terminal

    * Unique design for easy installation using light switcher base

    * Custom-designed housing, color on request

    * Indoor and Outdoor (IP65, electric epoxy potted) version for selection