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64 Doors Access Control system with TCP/IP
64 Doors Access Control system with TCP/IP
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Product Specifications
  • 1. Wiegand 26/32/40Bit or Fingerprint scanner supported;
    2. 2 unilateral doors, 1bidirectional door and 2 interlocking doors for preventing tailer supported;
    3. Add controller's amount via connection unilateral-door control module;
    4. Each controller can conntrol 64 doors at most;
    5. Management center can connect 16 controller via RS485, connenction controller's amount is not limit via TCP/IP;
    6. Alarm when the door opened overtime, abnormal open and error swiping card five times;
    7. alarm and exit the system when inputting the error login password three time;
    8. Offer the interface for fire alarm, open preset door;
    9. Offering alarm output interface for linkage light, annunciator and record device;
    10. Remote surveillance center surveilles work status at any moment;
    11. Can save 10000 pieces of user data;
    12. Can save 20000 pieces of record and data.