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CV74X0(C)-X - Fingerprint / Contact/Contactless Smart Card Handheld Reader
CV74X0(C)-X - Fingerprint / Contact/Contactless Smart Card Handheld Reader
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Product Specifications
  • CV74X0(C)-X is a high performance fingerprint/ Contact/Contactless smartcard read/write, battery powered handheld reader. It features a 32-bit low-power microprocessor with 2M-byte (expandable up to 8M flash memory and 512K byte SRAM for program and data storage. The standard human interface consists of a LCD display and 18 keys keypad. It utilizes stable, reliable fingerprint algorithm and sensor with high resolution to achieve high security application and perfect performance.

    Several versions are available for various applications: fingerprint, fingerprint plus smart card technology.

    CV74X0(C)-X can be used in harsh environment thanks to its special casing design (IP65). The power down function enables it to be an ideal platform for handheld application. The power of CV74X0(C)-X can also be supplied by USB port by connecting with PC. Flexible interface RS232 or USB for easy use. CV74X0(C)-X comes with pre-installed BIOS to manage all the low-level works. The user could only concentrate on the high-level application development. With the robust API function library and easy to use IDE (C & ASM language) tools, the user can easily and rapidly develop their own handheld applications with CV74X0(C)-X.

    Data transmission via GSM/GPRS is available as option by connecting with an external device.

    >> Advantages

    * High security: fingerprint; fingerprint + smart card technology

    * 32-bit low-power microprocessor with 2M -byte (up to 8M ) flash memory and 512K byte static RAM for program and data storage

    * Suitable for harsh environment

    * Flexible interface: RS232 or USB (GSM/GPRS as option)

    * Lower power consume: power down function

    * High capacity Ni-Cd rechargeable battery and excellent power

    management and also can be supplied by USB port.

    * SDK provided with robust API functions, IDE tools and C language,

    easy for customer''s further application development.

    * High security by using two SAM interface

    * Elegant and highly portable