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SafeAxis Access Control System

SafeAxis Access Control System

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Product Specifications
  • SafeAxis combines powerful software, simple to use operator screens, intelligent door controllers and flexible wiring topology to provide customers with capability usually found only in more expensive and more complex products.

    The basic SafeAxis software supports 64 card readers. Its field hardware is fully compatible with other Campass system providing an upgrade path that won!|t require costly replacement of existing equipment.

    The product also incorporates true distributed processing through the use of fully intelligent controllers. The IRMs (intelligent reader modules) are small enough and cost effective enough to be located at or near the doors to be protected. Once the database has been downloaded to the IRM it will continue to operate fully even if communication to the host PC is lost. All access decisions are handled by the door controller without any degradation of operation.

    With flexible wiring topology function, users can connect the field hardware via RS-232, RS-485, dial-up modem or LAN/WAN (TCP/IP). Up to 32 intelligent door controllers can be connected to a single port on the PC. Moreover, the system provide "auto-configuration" function. Reader controllers require no local switch settings for configuration.