Product Profile
AOptix Stratus MX Iris and Fingerprint Accessory for iPhone

AOptix Stratus MX Iris and Fingerprint Accessory for iPhone

  • Supplier: AOptix Technologies
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/04/15
Product Specifications
  • AOptix Stratus MX couples high-quality standards-compliant iris and fingerprint capture with the ease of use, power, and connectivity of the Apple iPhone. When used in conjunction with either the AOptix Stratus App for iOS or a custom application built using the AOptix Stratus Client SDK for iOS, users can quickly and easily collect biometric data for enrollment or identification.

    AOptix Stratus MX is a form-fitting accessory for iPhone 4 and 4S that leverages the Apple standard 30-pin connecter to provide iris and fingerprint imaging data to applications running on the iPhone.

    Simultaneous dual-eye capture expedites the capture process. Industry leading standoff of up to 32cm allows the operator to maintain a safe distance from the subject while still capturing pristine images in lighting conditions varying from indoors under flourescent or incandescent lights to outdoors in bright sunlight.

    AOptix Stratus MX is rugged, yet allows access to all iPhone features including the headphone jack, volume buttons and sleep/wake button. Integrated Micro USB port provides a unified point for charging the Stratus MX accessory as well as data sync and charging of the iPhone. Lightweight and compact, AOptix Stratus MX, including an installed Apple iPhone weighs under 15oz (425g).

    * Optimized for indoor and outdoor iris and fingerprint imaging
    * Compact form factor
    * Simple iPhone insertion and removal
    * Full iOS SDK support
    * IP54 certified
    * 8+ hours battery life
    * Iris: ISO 19794-6 compliant at 27-32cm standoff
    * Fingerprint: Single-finger FIPS 201 certified, 508dpi