Product Profile
Newgy NY-5000-Y Hotel lock

Newgy NY-5000-Y Hotel lock

  • Supplier: NEWGY Limited
  • Region: China
  • Updated: 2013/03/13
Product Specifications
  • A intelligent lock RF CARD DOOR LOCK /HOTEL LOCK requires no wiring, adopts the RF card of USA TEMIC company or RF card of PHILIPS company to perform control function and unlocking function, is completely independent and stand-alone, is controlled by program resident in the lock and activated by cards which are coded by issuing computer. All of these make installation and maintenance becomes simple and easy.

    * SUS304 Stainless steel material. 
    *  Five latch mortise, deadbolt function, high security. 
    *  Power supply: 4 standard AA alkaline batteries. 
    *  American (ANSI) mortise. 
    *  Adopt TEMIC contactless RF card or MIFARE ONE contactless RF card as keycard. 
    *  Battery life: About 10 months in normal state, depending on both usage and climatic conditions. 
    *  Mechanical When power's voltage is less 4.5V, there will be warning when unlock the lock can still be unlocked about 50 times before the batteries are replaced. 
    *  Door thickness requirement: 38mm to 55mm. 
    *  Mechanical key: The separate emergency mechanical structure will allow the unlocking by the mechanical key in emergency. 
    * Sliver color and gold color for choice.