Product Profile
FST21 SafeRise Version 1.6.5

FST21 SafeRise Version 1.6.5

  • Supplier: FST21
  • Region: Israel
  • Updated: 2013/02/19
Product Specifications
  • Utilizing FST21's In Motion Identification capabilities, SafeRise can manage and control building entry points, common areas, elevators and parking areas.

    SafeRise recognizes people simply by the way they look, walk and talk. SafeRise, which earned the coveted SIA New Product Showcase award in 2011, represents a best-in-breed fusion of cutting-edge, value-adding technologies, including 2nd generation Biometrics, Video, Behavior Analysis and Facial, Voice and License Plate Recognition.

    SafeRise can make an informed decision whether to allow entrance, verify guests or transfer them to a monitoring station representative for assistance. There's no need for a key, card or access code.

    The new 1.6.5 version of the software solution boasts many new and innovative benefits. Just some of the new features include new, even more user friendly, multi-lingual graphical user interface ( GUI ) screens. Portuguese and Cantonese have also been added as new languages supported in the Voice User Interface ( VUI ) options.

    Users now also have the ability to self-enroll by following simple system directions. Installation has been further simplified and cameras and intercoms can be automatically discovered in the network and controlled when SafeRise boots up for the first time. The new 1.6.5 version also enables interactive response. A user, for instance, can call a number and the system will answer, allowing them to speak with the visitor and grant access to the parking areas through the LPR capability and open the door to the building. If there are video phones in the apartments/offices, users can actually see and speak to the visitor directly.