Product Profile


  • Supplier: Futronix
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2012/12/10
Product Specifications
  • VIA! is a full-colour LCD touch panel that can be used to control numerous audio/video components and whole-house systems including Futronix lighting controls, multi-room Hi-Fi, AV, CCTV, satellite TV, DVD, temperature and security systems.

    Each VIA! Touch Panel can transmit IR to, and therefore control, each and every a/v source component. This means that VIA! Touch Panels can be used in any type of a/v system, from simple receiver-based systems to sophisticated multi-source/multi-zone systems, without the need of an expensive controller to translate each command. Hundreds of IR commands for dozens of a/v components are already stored in VIA!'s IR Library. And because VIA! has the capacity to 'learn' IR, it can easily be taught commands that do not happen to be in the library.

    * niversal IR control of a/v components
    * Integrates into any a/v system
    * No need for expensive, proprietary computer-based controllers
    * Learns IR

    The majority of home control LCD touch panels on the market today use the VGA (Video Graphics Adapter) format to send video graphics to each screen. VGA is the same format that is used to display graphics on a computer monitor. The computer monitor receives signals sent to it from the VGA card installed in a computer. Home system controllers that use VGA touch screens must therefore be computer-based and are subject to the inherent limitations of the VGA card - most notably a slow frame rate which results in jumpy or robotic-looking video images. Computer-based touch screens are also considerably more expensive and almost always proprietary to a specific system.