Product Profile
3M Cogent MiY-Mobile

3M Cogent MiY-Mobile

  • Supplier: 3M Cogent Inc.
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/24
Product Specifications
  • MiY-Mobile is a highly flexible and versatile biometric mobile access control handheld reader designed to perform fast authentication and efficient entry at various sites.

    With an array of user-friendly features, the device can quickly and easily capture fingerprints, portraits, and read credentials in compliance with current Physical Access Control System (PACS) standards for PIV, CAC, TWIC, and others. By using its flexible modular attachments, it can support multiple forms of card interfaces such as mag-stripe, contact, and contactless.

    Highly flexible, the MiY-Mobile can adapt to different scenarios. On a small or remote site with no centralized network, the MiY-Mobile can run fully standalone, with all data updated and extracted via USB connection to a PC and the MiY Device Admin Tool software. On highly sophisticated sites with a centralized server and Wi-Fi support, you can take advantage of the MiY-Mobile’s Wi-Fi capability by securely connecting it to a MiY server where all data is automatically synchronized when in network range.

    * Centralized or standalone management
    * TWIC Cancelled Card List updates
    * Sandbox API framework supported
    * Wi-Fi enabled monitoring and updates
    * Full audio
    * Compact design
    * Built-in camera