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fingerprint lock
fingerprint lock
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Product Specifications
  • Corrosion-proof and wear-proof SUS304 stainless steel plates (handles:with decorative chrome finish)

    Blackfin "Dual-core" processor and our own SMTA fingerprint identification technology

    High-resolution durable diamond reader, extremely resistant to static and scratch-proof

    Fingerprint data and setting data stored in a special chipset, never lost even if without batteries

    3-minute Shutdown mode starting automatically when 10 times of continual fingerprint comparisons have failed

    Constant Open mode and Lockout mode available for special cases

    Low voltage warning (about 200 more operations are supported).

    Fingerprint capacity: 204(5 administrators,199 users) Opening records:latest 99

    FAR (False acceptance rate) : <0.0001% FRR (False rejection rate) : <0.01%

    Power supply: 4 AA alkaline batteries