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exacqVision Hybrid DVR/NVR
exacqVision Hybrid DVR/NVR
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Product Specifications
  • exacqVision IP is a full-featured network video surveillance system that installs and operates on any Windows XP computer, or is available pre-installed on an optimized exacqVision IP Server. exacqVision IP has been designed to be easy to use, with an intuitive user interface, easy licensing, easy configuration, easy integration with ATM, POS and other security products, and low pricing per video channel. exacqVision IP is built on a secure and stable client-server architecture. The server portion captures, records and searches video and other surveillance data from IP network devices. The client presents a clean, contemporary and easy-to-use interface for viewing live and recorded video and administering the servers. Multiple exacqVision Clients can be connected to a single exacqVision Server, and a single exacqVision Client can connect seamlessly to multiple exacqVision Servers for a true enterprise video surveillance system. The exacqVision Client is identical between all exacqVision systems. Mix and match exacqVision IP and exacqVision Pro systems to add additional IP and Analog cameras for a truly Hybrid, Scalable enterprise video surveillance system. Through wide industry support exacqVision IP supports to most popular IP cameras, with additional cameras being added continually. exacqVision IP is available in both 2U Rackmount Servers and as Software-only versions: