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Nettuno Senses
Nettuno Senses
  • Supplier: Cieffe
  • Region: Italy
  • Updated: 01/23/2009
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Product Specifications
  • The Nettuno Senses is the most advanced network codec of the Nettuno series. This surveillance technology, based on the TI 720 megahertz DSP, can manage motion tracking and behavior analysis thanks to Cieffes Deepath2 algorithm. Deepath2 can be seen as a group of independently work ing agent's, collaborating and exchanging results concerning the video streams. The agent's results are inserted in a multidimensional event database. Events are then correlated by time, space and other parameters. Temporalspatial correlations among events can result in "smarter" alarms. Designed to be completely solid state (no fans or moving parts), Nettuno is compact in size (90W x 120D x 35H mm). Its power consumption is less than five watts, making it the perfect choice for any environment. Nettuno Senses can connect a single composite video camera (and single audio channel) to the network and transmit D1 resolution video and stereo audio in real time using MPEG-4 main profile and H.264 algorithms. Moreover it can be seamlessly integrated as a network camera in any Cieffe's DVR. Output can be viewed live, analyzed, and recorded as if it were produced by a conventional camera connected to the DVR via coaxial cable.