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KM-E8020F Standalone DVR
KM-E8020F Standalone DVR
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    The KM-E8020F has SoC techniques that ensure low power consumption and system stability. Dual-system design features a standby system that takes over when the main OS is damaged. With the XFS file system, it recovers quickly from abnormal status. DirectFB technology means that preview images are very clear. Dormancy mode protects the HDD environment. It also has anti-lightning protection in video and audio signal input circuits. It supports USB mouse, keypad control, IR remote control and RS485 keyboard operation. Multiplex is used for simultaneous recording, playback, PTZ control and remote surveillance. It also has USB2.0 HDD and built-in CD-RW for video backup. Client-end monitoring software is provided, and users can view images via IE browsers.