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IP camera(IP-06)
IP camera(IP-06)
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Product Specifications
  • Features:

    1) No need to install software to locate unit within your LAN. The LCD will

    display your current IP

    2) View images from your web enabled PDA / mobile phones

    3) Bundled utility to locate unit installed in inaccessible location

    4) Monitor multiple iCAMView using iMultiView (Windows based freeware)

    5) Flexible motion detection and image recording functions

    6) Email notification for motion detection and daily report

    7) Configured with up to 4 viewing time frames (permit hours)

    8) Able to display multiple images on a single screen

    9) Supports up to 30 simultaneous remote viewers per USB camera

    10) Displays viewer''s IP, account, viewed camera, login time and total

    downloaded bytes

    11) Detailed event log with listing options

    12) Event listing by level and type

    13) Limit the max. fps

    14) Viewer number control per USB camera (max. of 30 viewers/camera)

    15) Block / black-list up to 256 IP addresses from accessing iCAMView

    16) Schedules up to four time slots when motion detection is active

    17) Upload motion detected images to a specified FTP server

    18) Schedules up to two time slots for image forwarding (to Email or FTP


    19) Update firmware directly from iCAMView webpage

    20) Saves current settings to a file