Product Profile
Certes CryptoFlow Solutions

Certes CryptoFlow Solutions

  • Supplier: Certes Networks
  • Region: United States of America
  • Updated: 2016/01/12
Product Specifications
    • Offers automatically enforced role-based access control for users on any Apple, Windows, or Android device

    • Seamlessly secures applications for users on any network inside or outside the enterprise, including the LAN, WAN, Internet, cloud, Wi-Fi, mobile, and other networks

    • Protection and policies automatically enforced across siloes and require no changes to the network or applications

    • Applications safely extended to external parties, including contractors, supple chain members, professional services firms, and partner companies

    • Touchless endpoint support 

    •  Automatic crypto-segmentation that isolates and protects applications when hackers get past the firewall