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Pacidal DVR1004 1080p 4ch DTV DVR

Pacidal DVR1004 1080p 4ch DTV DVR

  • Supplier: MFNE
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  • Updated: 2015/12/15
Product Specifications
  • Pacidal DVR1004 is a 4-channel digital video recorder with an embedded Linux operation system. It is a new-generation full HD DVR adopting the latest digital TV technologies with substantial innovations and excellent performance. DVR1004 is fully-integrated with Pacidal DTV cameras, which transmit multiple compressed H.264 video streams over coaxial cables, and is especially suitable for current CCTV surveillance users longing for upgrading analog security systems into HD video quality. The DTV surveillances, including DTV cameras and DTV DVRs, are the best choice for CCTV surveillance upgrades due to its easiness in installation and efficiency in deployment. Since coaxial cables are the media of video/audio transmission in the DTV surveillance, most existing cables in an CCTV system can be retained without substitution. So there is no need to re-plan and re-deploy a new structure, which significantly saves installation time and costs.

    * 4-channel full HD 1080p real-time recorder
    * Multiple compressed H.264 videos streams over a single coaxial cable
    * The original coaxial cables in a CCTV system can be reusable.
    * Dual, individually configurable video streams in H.264 for each channel, including one HD stream and one SD stream, both at 30 fps
    * Easy installation: no need to re-deploy or re-plan the structure
    * Greater transmission distance compared to CCTV DVRs an HD-SDI DVRs
    * 1GB DDR3 RAM