Product Profile
Neural Labs Vehicle Plate Recognition

Neural Labs Vehicle Plate Recognition

  • Supplier: Neural Labs
  • Region: Spain
  • Updated: 2013/06/18
Product Specifications
  • VPAR – Vehicle Plate Automatic Reader – is a software library that can be easily integrated into any application that requires automatic vehicle plate recognition

    * Add a vehicle plate recognition engine with exceptional quality to your security software, access control, vehicle inventory, etc.
    * In just a few days, this engine will enable you to compete with any company that has spent years using vehicle plate recognition.
    * Earn prestige by adding neural technology and artificial vision to your application in next to no time.
    * Own neural technology constantly evolving and improving.
    * 98% reliability rating (including damaged vehicle plates, etc.).
    * Processing time of 100 ms.
    * Optimised versions for each country.
    * Recognition of 2-line vehicle plates.
    * Provides reliability of each vehicle plate.
    * Provides reliability of each character.