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AMAG SymmetryWEB

AMAG SymmetryWEB

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Product Specifications
  • The SymmetryWEB client interface is designed to enable remote card holder and credential management for the Symmetry SMS. Security and building personnel can set up new card holders and assign access rights for readers and doors to them. An intuitive, user friendly interface displays the applications, card holders and devices available to the user according to their privileges. The navigation is simple and easy to follow, enabling users to view a complete profile of card holder information, including all card holder options, access assignments and personal information.

    The SymmetryWEB client also supports Symmetry Visitor Management. Security personnel or authorized users can quickly and efficiently register and manage visitors. This convenient feature simplifies the visitor registration process and allows authorized users to pre-register guests at a moment's notice from their computer or mobile device.

    * No need to install software on local PC
    * No requirement for a separate dedicated web server to operate
    *  Authorized users can access SymmetryWEB from anywhere with web connection to Symmetry server
    * Card holder updates are easily and instantly made without the need for a centralized administrator
    *  Operates on a variety of platforms including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari. It also operates on an iPad.
    * Convenient concurrent user licensing
    *  Instant access to Symmetry SMS from a web enabled device
    *  Available for Symmetry Professional and Enterprise, including Homeland Security Edition
    *  View complex access rights held within Symmetry SMS
    * Visitor pre-enrolment
    * Visitor registration and management
    * Card holder registration and management
    * Granular user permissions with complete partitioning of card holder information and access rights
    *  Compatible with many desktop and mobile devices and web browsers