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Deibold Financial Surveillance Solutions

Deibold Financial Surveillance Solutions

  • Supplier: Diebold
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/12/21
Product Specifications
  • Video surveillance of facilities, ATMs and kiosks is a critical element of your security program, and it is a vital component of a balanced and layered security program, including video monitoring.

    Collecting, retrieving, reviewing and storing images for future use as evidence in criminal actions or fraud resolution can be a daunting task. Diebold offers a complete selection of cameras, monitors, DVRs like the AccuTrack? Elite 3200, switching devices, and more.

    Our video experts can analyze your monitoring and image storage requirements, existing devices and signal processing environment and recommend ways to improve image quality and system efficiency. Your Diebold representative can also help you to explore opportunities to integrate the latest digital technology into your system through the management of DVRs and IP technology.

    Diebold offers a full range of DVRs from leading manufacturers, providing you with the storage and recording storage solutions that are unique to each one of your branches. Take our survey to find the best DVR for you.

    Diebold offers a full range of color, monochrome, digital, IP and covert cameras from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Diebold experts can help you analyze each site to determine the appropriate camera, lens and mount to achieve the best possible images and field of view.

    Also, for a feature-rich solution that provides optimum ATM security at a reasonable price, Diebold offers its OptiEye ATM camera line. Designed specifically for Diebold's Opteva? ATM, the OptiEye cameras and lenses are installed inside the ATM and provide an outstanding field of view, enhancing overall security during customer transactions.

    Diebold offers a full selection of color and monochrome monitors with models including high resolution, flat screen, rack-mount and desktop installation.