Product Profile
Toshiba IK-WR12A Low Light Megapixel Dome

Toshiba IK-WR12A Low Light Megapixel Dome

  • Supplier: Toshiba
  • Region: Japan
  • Updated: 2012/11/15
Product Specifications
  • The IK-WR12A is weatherproof and vandal-resistant. It has an IP66 rating, meaning that its electronics are protected against dust, water/moisture/ humidity, and impact. It will also detect tampering by blockage or spray paint. Install it with confidence in high-risk schools, jails, retail, parking lots, warehouses, airports, or anywhere outdoors. The advanced codec technology allows you to easily view, control, and manage all networked cameras using a standard web browser or Toshiba's surveillance management software from any networked computer. The ePTZ feature allows users to quickly move the focus to a target area for close-up viewing without moving the camera physically.

    * IP66 rated weatherproof for outdoor with built-in heater/blower (-22° F to 122° F)
    * IR LEDs provide 0.0 lux min. illumination
    * IR LEDs enables video capture in total darkness for true 24/7 surveillance
    * Vandal-resistant housing protects camera against tampering and damage
    * 2MP resolution (1600 x 1200)
    * Vari-focal 3-9 mm with 4x digital zoom
    * Quad streaming MPEG4 and Motion JPEG
    *Two-way audio
    * PoE, 12V DC or 24V AC
    * SD/SDHC card slot for local recording
    * Privacy mask