Product Profile
ABUS IR HD 720p WLAN dome camera

ABUS IR HD 720p WLAN dome camera

  • Supplier: ABUS Security-Center
  • Region: Germany
  • Updated: 2012/10/02
Product Specifications
  • This colour HD WLAN camera is ideal for round-the-clock monitoring of indoor areas, such as shops, offices, warehouses or foyers. Built-in IR LEDs light up the camera's field of vision when used in the dark. One special feature here is the pre-definition of especially important image areas, which are then specifically targeted by the IR lighting. In this way, facial features are not overexposed during surveillance at night and remain clearly identifiable, for example. The dome camera displays surveillance images at a resolution of 720p. While doing this, the camera streams in parallel (once in high definition and once in lower definition to save bandwidth). The recorder system selects the suitable stream automatically depending on the display mode when showing images (full-screen or multiple display), thus guaranteeing a constantly smooth video image. The network dome camera is equipped with a built-in motion sensor system. If motion is detected in a specific image area or the alarm input of the camera is switched, then recording can be activated, an e-mail with attachments can be sent or the switch output of the camera can be activated. With the built-in wireless funtion this dome camera is considered as being extremely installer-friendly.

    * Day/night LAN/WLAN dome camera (802.11b/g/n)
    * HD resolution: 720p
    * Integrated IR LEDs for night vision
    * Multi-stream technology
    * Integrated motion sensor system
    * Alarm input / switch output
    * Analogue video output for simple camera configuration
    * Adjustable IR intensity
    * MicroSD slot