Product Profile
Santec VDC-727IR-WM

Santec VDC-727IR-WM

  • Supplier: Santec BW AG
  • Region: Germany
  • Updated: 2012/09/26
Product Specifications
  • The SANTEC dome cameras are high speed domes in compact housings with integrated motorized zoom lens. The domes are programmable for different features such as private zones, tours, flip-function presets, digital zoom, alarms. This camera has a built-in IR-LED illuminator for distances up to 100m with an automatic alignment to the zoom factor which is used.

    The range of the built-in IR-LEDs strongly depend on the location and the surroundings. Strongly absorbent surfaces, e.g. dark, rough structures (floor, lawn or asphalt), may lead to a considerable reduction of the maximum range.

    * SANTEC Day/Night outdoor speed dome camera
    * 27x Motor-Zoom, 3.5 - 94.5 mm, IR-LED, Bracket